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About Me.

My name is Danielle/Dani Hyde  

Pronouns: she/they

That is Cedric aka Ceddie (he/him)

I am a visual artist in every sense of the word, and I have a passion for boldly living life outside the lines.  

This website is dedicated to my multifaceted approach to art.  You may find after viewing my work that the lines between mediums are blurry at best.

Below are some little galleries to help you learn more about me!



I found a group of recent selfies so you have an idea of who's behind the work on this site, and who you might be working with in the future!

In these photos you will find that my hair color is unpredictable, I'm a glasses girlie, and my dog is my primary inspiration for pulling out my camera!

My Kit

Here's a look at some of my tools and supplies!

And a couple of details about my makeup practice:

-I offer airbrush services for a softer look, lighter feel, and longer wear.

-I carry several styles of lashes to fit every look.

-I take all sanitization precautions including disposable tools and use of multiple disinfectant products.

-I take skin prep seriously and customize pre-makeup skin products to each individual's needs.

-I carry ALL shades and am experienced in enthusiastically creating with ALL skin tones.

The Beginning

Here's visual evidence of the beginning of my makeup artistry career from the year 2014: I was just finishing a year of art school followed by a summer job as a face painter, and jumping into 1250 hours of cosmetology training.

Never one to stick to the norm, I painted an original work of art on my face every day of beauty school.  

I switched to traditional cosmetics after a cosmetology instructor told me I needed to stop painting my face in order for potential clients to take me seriously.

I'll never forget that and to this day make it a mission to encourage others to be as wild as they can dream up with their appearance, decisions and actions.

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